Dublin Maker Highlights

We attended Dublin Maker this week and thought we’d share some of our highlights from this year’s event.


Was The Ghostbusters Reboot Needed?

There has been plenty of criticism surrounding the remake of the all-around classic, Ghostbusters. I for one was skeptical of it, would it live up to the original? will changing the leads genders work? Is a remake needed?

Article by Vanessa Greene

Having finally seen the film I must admit that I now understand why this remake was needed. It wasn’t for the graphics, technology or refreshing the story line, it was the characters. We still lack the presence of strong heroines in the film industry for young girls to look up to. Personally, I don’t see why we aren’t creating more badass female characters all of the time.

As a child I always liked Ghostbusters, it was good. However I never really felt an attachment to it, I could never aspire to be like any of these ‘middle-aged guys with Ph.D.’s’, how could I relate to them? This time around I walked away with a completely different opinion, one that went something like “Can I please be Jillian Holtzmann! like right now!”, an opinion shared with both my sisters.

Admittedly I got slightly emotionally attached to each character as the film went on. These women are epic, realistic, funny, smart, dedicated, the list goes on. It hurts to see the backlash of comments towards the cast, they were perfect.

We need these women! We need our young girls to be able to look up to strong characters in a time when most are looking up to the next Kardashian beauty trick. Ghostbusters did a damn right good job at not stereotyping these characters to ‘pretty skinny blondes’. All I hope is that we can continue to create quirky food loving scientists like Abby, career driven women like Erin, badass inventors like Jillian and intelligent quirky women like Patty.

On a side note, I must admit I did find the reverse sexism of Kevin’s character rather humorous. It definitely highlighted the way we usually see lead females portrayed and I’d like to see that open minds to how ‘stupid’ those stereotypes are.

So regardless of all the disagreements floating around, Ghostbusters definitely gets a thumbs up from me. May we see much more of these strong heroines in the future.